ASpure® Feed is a white, crystalline solid which is safe to use as a non-organic nitrogen source for cattle and other ruminants. Other applications include enzyme production for feed and the removal of high levels of potassium in vinasse to improve its feed quality.

Ammonium Sulfate without additives

ASpure® Feed is a high purity inorganic salt, which is obtained from chemical synthesis. It can be specially tailored for feed applications. It has the status of feed material and is registered in the Catalogue of Feed Materials.

ASpure® Feed contains high purity Ammonium Sulfate. No additives are used. It is completely free from microbiological contaminations, raw materials or processing aids derived from GMO materials and parts of living organisms.

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ASpure® Feed
Product Traits

  • a white, free flowing, uniform crystalline product
  • average particle diameter of 1 mm
  • guaranteed shelf life of 2 years
  • extremely low organic impurity level
  • extremely low heavy metal impurity level
  • free from dioxins and dioxin like PCBs

ASpure® Feed and GMP+ FSA certification

In March 2018, Fibrant received its GMP+ FSA certification to produce ASpure® Feed. This certification guarantees safety, reliability, quality and sustainability of our ASpure® Feed.

GMP certification ensures that feed, throughout the entire value chain, is safe. This includes not just our Dutch production facility, but also our packaging, storage, transport, personnel, procedures and distribution partners.

ASpure® Feed
the best fit for your application

  • high purity Ammonium Sulfate
  • no additives
  • GMP+ FSA certified processes
  • available in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags and bulk
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