ASpure® is certified for feed (GMP+ FSA) and food (FSSC22000) applications. Our production and logistic processes meet the highest quality standards and are fully traceable. We invest in product quality and dedicated logistic services to provide you pure and reliable solutions. By working closely with customers and distributors, we continue to improve our product applications.

Quality control throughout the process

Fibrant carefully controls the quality of its ASpure® products, raw materials, utilities and services. Process parameters are continuously monitored. Production batches are carefully managed. Using state-of-the art statistical tools and techniques, we continuously monitor product quality.

We guarantee hygiene control in the plant and all transport facilities. Procedures are continuous updated and improved. The management system is fully compliant with the regulations.

The Quality team is supported and challenged by international respected advisors taking care that Fibrant is up to date with the latest developments and induces continuous improvement in product quality, test protocols, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. 


Our ASpure® products are available in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags and bulk. We carefully select the best logistic partners. Each partner meets FSSC22000 and GMP+ FSA standards and can provide reliable and high quality service to our customers.


Our packaging specialist has designed a dedicated packaging line for all ASpure® products. It meets the highest industry standards in safety, quality and traceability.

Our newly built (2018) packaging facility is fully GMP+ FSA and FSSC22000 certified and works according the highest industry standards. Products are packed and stored for delivery to our customers worldwide. The complete product flow is fully traceable and monitored according to ASpure® standards.